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Watercress boosts immunity.
Adds peppery flavor.

Watercress is a popular green across the globe, and for good reason. It’s the healthiest leafy vegetable on the planet, with a delicious taste that stands out from many of the muted flavors other salad greens provide, and culinary versatility that is second to none.

The most nutritionally dense food on the planet.

Watercress naturally delivers more than 28 essential vitamins, minerals and compounds that can add a multitude of health benefits to your diet.

Watercress Health and Nutrition

A global favorite for great taste and versatility.

Popular in Latin and Asian cultures, watercress is now being considered worldwide as a flavorful and healthy option to other plants like cilantro, basil and parsley. It’s a great way to add zest to any salad, sandwich, soup, entrée or more.

Using Watercress in Recipes


Discover the versatility, intrigue
and nutritional value of watercress.

A favorite in many cultures for centuries, this dark leafy aquatic green is now finding
its way onto menus and into the hearts of foodies and healthy eaters everywhere.


28 essential vitamins, minerals and compounds.


Creatively delicious ways to add a boost of flavor to any dish.


An illustrious past dating back three millennia.