zest to any dish.

The uniquely crisp, peppery flavor of watercress adds character to all of your culinary creations. From salads, soups and sauces to flatbreads and entrees, it’s that something extra that adds pizzazz.


Your salads will never be the same with the distinctive flavor of watercress.

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Apps and Sides

Bring a whole new zestiness to mayonnaise and guacamole plus dress up Asian fare such as potstickers and summer rolls.

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Sandwiches never have to be the same when you give them an extra kick of peppery flavor simply by adding watercress.

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Get innovative with your soup offerings. Let watercress add a peppery goodness to soups that are certain to satisfy.

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Breakfast, lunch or dinner: you can elevate any meal entrée with the distinctive flavor of watercress.

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Consider adding watercress to power smoothies for an extra boost or in cocktails for a unique twist.

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